The Wooden Shoe

The Wooden Shoe Deli is a Dutch specialty store located in the heart of Quadra Village. The store has served the Dutch community and others in Victoria and on southern Vancouver Island for over 50 years. 


The Wooden Shoe offers an excellent selection of new and well-established products. They carry over 50 kinds of licorice and over 15 kinds of Dutch cheese. They also have Dutch groceries, delicatessen, gifts, and kitchenware. 


Please come and visit the store!


Tot ziens!

Image shows the Wooden Shoe store front. In front of the store is a statue of a blue Beemster cow.

Dockside Green

Dockside Green is a 15-acre, largely self-sufficient and sustainable waterfront community designed using holistic, closed-loop thinking and design principals. It is being built with the intention of fulfilling a three-part philosophy of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

Dockside Green storm water treatment

Cornerstone Café

The Cornerstone Café operates out of the revitalized Cornerstone Building in the heart of the Victoria neighbourhood Fernwood. The Café has a geothermal system that draws renewable energy from the ground. It provides 70% of the building's heat and hot water, lowering the café's operating costs.

The Café is pursuing zero waste in their operations, including regular composting and full recycling, including special plastics. All of the Café's revenue is reinvested into the neighbourhood through Fernwood NRG's programs and services.

Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT)

Established in 1996 by the Victoria Natural History Society, Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) is a non-profit organization that works to protect ecosystems and habitat permanently through three avenues: (1) land acquisition through purchase or donation, (2) conservation covenants, and (3) education and stewardship.

Francophone Employment Project

Le Programme d’immigration francophone de la Colombie-Britannique travaille pour faciliter votre établissement et votre intégration au Canada en vous accompagnant dans les différentes étapes de votre installation. Nous jouons aussi un rôle actif afin de sensibiliser et mobiliser l’ensemble de la communauté pour qu’elle soutienne l’immigration francophone en C.-B.


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