Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT)

Established in 1996 by the Victoria Natural History Society, Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) is a non-profit organization that works to protect ecosystems and habitat permanently through three avenues: (1) land acquisition through purchase or donation, (2) conservation covenants, and (3) education and stewardship. HAT has a number of stewardship programs, including Good Neighbours, Species at Risk, and Forest & Land Cover Mapping; land protection programs, including Covenants and Acquisitions; and education programs, including Green Spots Program, Goldstream Chums, and their Conservation Connection Forum. You can also volunteer your time with HAT by helping with various activities, such as species monitoring, restoration work, and office help.


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Habitat Acquisition Trust


202-661 Burnside Rd E
Victoria, BC V8T 2X9

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250 995-2428