Welcome to your GVR Community Green Map!

A project of the University of Victoria Community Mapping Collaboratory, the Victoria and Region Community Green Map is an online interactive place-knowledge resource that features sites and stories under three broad categories:

  1. Sustainable Living 
  2. Nature
  3. Culture and Society


The Map connects and celebrates the people, places and projects in Victoria and the surrounding region that contribute to a healthy, vibrant and sustainable home. The GVR Green Map is part of the Green Map┬« System (Think Global, Map Local!), an open source online mapping platform and community that has produced over 500 mapping projects worldwide. The GVR Green Map project falls under the scope of work of the Common Ground Community Mapping Network of communities and campuses who are interested in contributing to a common platform of community-based place knowledge and mapping projects. 

Thank You

The GVR Community Green Map is managed and maintained by the UVic Community Mapping Collaboratory (CMC), a joint community-university initiative governed by community groups, NGO's, First Nations, local government, regional funders and UVic researchers. The CMC works with a variety of partners, stakeholders and funders which together have generated a legacy of over a decade's worth of projects, events and initiatives.

The CMC would would like to acknowledge that the GVR Community Green Map encompasses the traditional territories of the Coast Salish and Straight Salish people. There are currently 10 First Nation reserves within the borders of the Captial Regional District (CRD). In addition to these communities there have been man other First Nation peoples and cultures who have shared this territory throughout millennia. We also acknowledge that this map is a living document and that its current perimeters should and will evolve as knowledge gathering techniques and reach improve with time. 

Funding and Support

Past support for the CMC has been generously provided by the City of Victoria, the Capital Regional District (CRD), VanCity, the Vancouver Foundation, the United Way of Greater Victoria, the Victoria Foundation, the Vice President Research Office of the University of Victoria, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC Partner Development Grant), MITACS, the Intercultural Association, and many diverse community partners. 

The GVR Community Green Map is part of a long-term vision to build a nationally and globally connected long-term platform for sustainability that connects research, students, and learning to local and global action for sustainability. This platform is currently being explored through the Mapping Our Common Ground project, which has recently published the third, free and downloadable edition of the Mapping Our Common Ground community and green mapping resource guide

Get Involved!

The GVR Community Green Map is collaborative, and you are invited to contribute to the map! You can contribute your place knowledge in three ways: