The Atrium

The Atrium is certified LEED Gold by the Canada Green Building Council. This high-denisity urban office building is seven-stories and 19400 square metres, an entire street block, in the heart of Victoria, BC. The Atrium Building was designed to optimize energy efficiency and environmentally conscious operations as well as occupant comfort and health.

Burnside Gorge Community Centre

The Burnside Gorge Community Centre's sustainable design, construction, and operation is Gold LEED certified. The building features BC's first accessible green roof, planted entirely with native plants, helping to combat "urban heat island effect" caused in part by dark roof material. The building was built into the embankment of Cecelia Ravine Park, allowing the building to naturally use the earth's constant temperature for heating and cooling.

Diggers Volunteer Program

Want to get involved in an urban agriculture project in your community? LifeCycles' Diggers Volunteer Program will help you do just that. "Diggers," a large, loosely knit group of folks interested in urban agriculture projects in the Capital Region, receive email updates from LifeCycles Urban Agriculture Coordinator about two times per month, detailing various ways to get involved in urban agriculture projects around Victoria. People of all skill levels are welcome, but sometimes people with specific skills are sought out to help with specific projects. What can you offer?

Community Micro Lending Society

Do you have a good idea? Or do you have money to lend to someone with a good idea? The Community Micro Lending Society makes loans to people who have a good idea and the ability to carry it out, but don’t qualify for credit at a bank. The Society works with people to develop a business plan and a budget, and when their application is ready, it's sent to the loan committee for approval.

LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project

LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project connects homeowners, volunteers, food banks, and community organizations to take advantage of often-wasted fruit from privately owned trees. Home owners register their trees, volunteers pick the fruit, and everybody shares the fruit. So if you're looking to gather some local food, become a volunteer!  The Fruit Tree Project runs from July through the end of October every year.

Cecelia Creek

In 1998, concerned students of Burnside Elementry School started to raise awareness about the degraded condition of Cecelia Creek, which flows into the Gorge Waterway. The creek was first enclosed in storm drains in the early part of the last century, and by the 1990s it was infamous for being one of the most polluted creeks in the Victoria area. Largely due to the involvement of the surrounding community, various businesses, government and community organizations came together to clean up the creek.

Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre

The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre is a non-profit organization that provides composting and organic gardening education to CRD residents. The Compost Education Centre offers a variety of services, including elementary and high school programs, workshops, compost club membership and newsletter, free education literature on how to compost, and more. For a list of the Compost Education Centre's interactive educational programs, please click here.


Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre


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