Cecelia Creek

In 1998, concerned students of Burnside Elementry School started to raise awareness about the degraded condition of Cecelia Creek, which flows into the Gorge Waterway. The creek was first enclosed in storm drains in the early part of the last century, and by the 1990s it was infamous for being one of the most polluted creeks in the Victoria area. Largely due to the involvement of the surrounding community, various businesses, government and community organizations came together to clean up the creek. Cross-connections between the stormwater drains and sewage lines were repaired, the water quality was monitored, public parks and greenspace were created, and 150 metres of the lower portion of the creek was opened to daylight.

Groups involved in this project included the Burnside Gorge Community Association, the Veins of Life Watershed Society, the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, the City of Victoria, the District of Saanich, the Capital Regional District, the Provincial Capital Commission, the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, local businesses, schools and the general public. The water quality of the creek has much improved, benefiting the wildlife that live in and feed on the intertidal mud flats at the mouth of the creek. Above all, this project has shown what is possible when people work together to improve a degraded area.

Source of description: http://www.crd.bc.ca/watersheds/protection/restoration/ceceliacreek.htm

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