Diggers Volunteer Program

Want to get involved in an urban agriculture project in your community? LifeCycles' Diggers Volunteer Program will help you do just that. "Diggers," a large, loosely knit group of folks interested in urban agriculture projects in the Capital Region, receive email updates from LifeCycles Urban Agriculture Coordinator about two times per month, detailing various ways to get involved in urban agriculture projects around Victoria. People of all skill levels are welcome, but sometimes people with specific skills are sought out to help with specific projects. What can you offer? If you would like to sign up to be a Digger and help grow community food resilience in the Capital Region, send LifeCycles an email at diggers@lifecyclesproject.ca and tell them a bit about your interests!

Photo credit: LifeCycles


Organization name

LifeCycles Diggers Volunteer Program


625 Hillside Avenue
Victoria, BC

Phone number: 

(250) 383-5800