Success By 6

Success By 6, South Vancouver Island is working together with the local early years' community to support children and families, helping to ensure all young children and their families in our region have the supports they need to succeed throughout life.

Insignia College of Health & Business

Insignia College pursues its Vision by educating men and women in the health and business faculties. The College provides a lively community of students and instructors of high ethics and qualifications from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. We believe in the potential of our students and are open to free inquiry and open exchange of ideas.

Academy of Learning Career College

Founded as a franchise system in 1987, Academy of Learning® Career College originally specialized in computer and business skills training for adult learners, based on the Integrated Learning™ System (“ILSTM”). This system is unique to Canada and offers a method of learning whereby course materials and instruction provide an all-encompassing learning experience using multi-sensory learning styles and preferences through student workbooks, media presentations and hands-on exercises.

Beckley Farm Lodge

Beckley Farm Lodge is a non-profit residential care facility owned and operated by the Beckley Farm Lodge Society,  providing safe, comprehensive and compassionate residential care and outreach programs in the James Bay community since 1981. 

The Old Courthouse

The Supreme Court building in Bastion Square is a centre piece of historical architecture in the heart of Victoria British Columbia's old town. It has a storied history connected to the foundations of British Columbia's past but also considered one of the most haunted locations in Canada. We wish to celebrate its history and possible paranormal connections.

The Supreme Court Building, Bastion Square, Victoria, BC

Victoria Public Market

The Victoria Public Market at the Hudson, highlights local artisans, farmers, fishers, butchers, bakers, cheese-makers, preservers, brewers, vintners, florists and restaurateurs.

Victoria Public Market is located in the historic Hudson building in downtown Victoria, and features fresh seafood, locally-produced cheese, local meats, farm-fresh groceries, handmade pies, a French bakery, oils and vinegars, fresh flowers, specialty retail, gourmet food service offerings, and much more!

the Victoria Public Market, Victoria, BC

Good Food Box

Good Food Box is a non-profit alternative fruit and vegetable distribution system. Boxes are available for pick-up or delivery every second Wednesday. We purchase the highest quality produce and ensure variety, freshness and affordability. We prioritize locally grown, unsprayed produce with a focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables.


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