Trishaw bicyle on the Lochside Trail, Victoria BC
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Cycling Without Age

because everyone should feel the wind in their hair

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The Saltwater People's Atlas: A W̱SÁNEĆ Map of Traditional Territory

The Saltwater People have resided here for millennia. Each place in W̱SÁNEĆ territory has a SENĆOŦEN name and identity, knowledge which has been kept and held by the W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. The late Dave Elliot Sr ensured this information was recorded so it would remain intact for future generations to speak and learn the language of their land. Read on to learn about the legacy of the Saltwater People's Atlas!

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The Many Names of Knockan (Ňgāˊk·un, ŋεˊˀqən, Gnocan) Hill

The place popularly known as Knockan Hill has undergone several colloquial renamings but retained a similar sounding place name throughout time.

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A History of PKOLS (Mount Douglas)

Mt. Doug is a colonial name given to a place in your community, but what does it mean?

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How to Make Locally Harvested Rosehip Jam

Delight in harvesting local rosehips and using this recipe to make jam.