Travelling Together: A Tsawout Transportation Safety Project

Tsawout First Nation youth mapping

In September 2013, the University of Victoria Research Team began a transportation safety project in partnership with the University of Windsor’s School of Social Work and participating Indigenous communities across the country. This project entailed both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including a national survey in addition to community conversations, to promote community health and injury prevention. Responsible for outreach to coastal communities in British Columbia, the interdisciplinary Research Team employed participatory action research (PAR) methodologies to address local and national transportation safety concerns ranging from booster seat use to pedestrian safety. Through creative community engagement, including arts-based methodologies the Research Team collaborated with the Tsawout First Nation to “Light up the Night” through participatory video with Indigenous youth. The purpose of this video is to shed light on some of the challenges Indigenous communities encounter regarding jurisdiction and responsibility for transportation safety.

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Amy Becker

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September 2013
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Travelling Together: A Tsawout Transportation Safety Project


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