Central Saanich


Heritage Acres (Saanich Historical Artifacts Society)

Saanich Historical Artifacts Society (S.H.A.S.) is a volunteer society dedicated to the preservation of the past for the future. The Society is dedicated to collecting, restoring, housing, and demonstrating artifacts from Saanich's rural past. They have one of Western Canada’s largest collections of working steam engines, tractors, agricultural machinery, and household and industrial artifacts.

Saanich Pioneers Museum and Archives

The Saanich Pioneer Society is dedicated to the preservation of the historical records of the Saanich Peninsula; they are non-profit and operated entirely by volunteers and donations. The archives and museum houses collections from pioneer families in both textual and artifact form. It has a simulated pioneer kitchen; a handicraft corner with women's beautiful handwork displays; a library with a wide variety of books for loan and ongoing changing displays.

Gore Nature Park

Gore Nature Park is a 6.77 hectare park in a Garry Oak ecosystem and the park underwent camas meadow restoration. As the sign at the entrance to the park reads, "Plants and habitat found on these lands are easily damaged. Please stay on designated paths and avoid disturbing mossy outcroppings and wildflowers." Coopers hawks are known to nest in the area, and wildflowers and mossy outcrops are found in abundance.


Photo: Todd Carnahan

TI̸X̱EN (Cordova Spit)

Cordova Spit is a significant area of shoreline habitat with unique geology that is home to rare plant species. Vegetation type includes estuary, beach sand spit and dune plants. The area is important habitat for waterfowl, terrestrial and migratory birds, songbirds and Common Nighthawks. The area is used for recreation including walking and birding

Photo: Todd Carnahan

Island View Beach

Island View Beach is a regional park in the CRD that protects a number of special features including a fragile sand dune area, home to several rare and beautiful plants, and a long sandy beach with unique geological history. Vegetation type includes grassland, estuary, coastal bluff, beach/spit and hedgerows. Trees include Black Cottonwood, Crabapple, and Willow. Dune plants include Sand Verbena and an uncommon grass (A.Ceska).


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