TI̸X̱EN (Cordova Spit)

Photo: Todd Carnahan

Cordova Spit is a significant area of shoreline habitat with unique geology that is home to rare plant species. Vegetation type includes estuary, beach sand spit and dune plants. The area is important habitat for waterfowl, terrestrial and migratory birds, songbirds and Common Nighthawks. The area is used for recreation including walking and birding

TIX̱EN is the Tsawout name for Cordova Spit in the SENĆOŦEN language. The whole Cordova Shore has been home to the Tsawout First Nation and their ancestors for thousands of years; they made of use of marine resources including intertidal shellfish, fish, invertebrates such as crabs, and marine mammals such as seals. Terrestrial and wetland areas were also an important source of plants for food, medicine, and technology. Burial mounds can be found and TIX̱EṈ is still important for plants such as barestem desert‐parsely which is used to treat respiratory problems and other ailments. 

The Cordova Shore Conservation Strategy (CSCS) provides detailed information about the ecosystems of the whole Cordova Shore area including rare and native species, invasive species, geology and hydrology information as well as cultural values and historic uses the area. 

Photo: Todd Carnahan


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Central Saanich, BC