Bob Wright Centre Observatory (UVic)

Are you looking to attend an astronomical event? Look no further than UVic Astronomy's FREE Open House, a chance for you to explore the night sky like you've never seen it before at the Bob Wright Centre Observatory, home to Canada's largest on-campus telescope! It's every Wednesday night, 8pm to 10pm from October to April and 9pm to 10pm from May to August. The Observatory is located on the 5th floor of the Bob Wright Centre (elevators provided).

Centennial Stadium

Need somewhere to run and play? Centennial Stadium on UVic campus is an artificial turf hockey field, playing field, and field. Centennial Stadium track is available for public use during the times posted in the Stadium Schedule as "Track Open". (For the stadium schedule, scroll to the bottom of this page.)

Bowker Creek Wetlands

Bowker Creek is part of the Bowker Creek Watershed, a now-urbanized watershed that has been significantly affected by impenetrable surfaces, like roads, roofs and parking areas. The creek flows south from its headwaters at the University of Victoria through neighbourhoods in Saanich, Victoria, and Oak Bay, before entering the ocean near the Oak Bay Marina. In the past, Bowker Creek was fed by rainfall that ran as surface water over forests and fields, or that soaked slowly into the soil as groundwater. As the water seeped down, it was absorbed and cleansed by soil, plants, and bacteria.

Haro Woods

Haro Woods, located in the northeast corner of UVic campus, is a 1.1 ha (2.8 acres) area of second growth forest. It is protected from development in perpetuity. Haro Woods is one of the few urban forests remaining in Saanich. It is similar in beauty to Mystic Vale, the forested ravine located to the south east and outside of the UVic campus.

Mystic Vale

Mystic Vale is a forested ravine that was acquired by the University of Victoria in 1993. It is a Douglas Fir Ecosystem located on the Hobbs Creek watershed that is protected from development in perpetuity. It is home to more than 75 native plant and wildlife species, including Douglas firs, Indian plum, snowberries and the sword ferns that cover the slopes into the gully, as well as five species of woodpeckers. Some species are rarely found anywhere else in the city, such as the rattlesnake plantain, stink currant and vanilla leaf.

Fair Trade Coffee at UVic

UVic is one of Canada's first campuses to serve entirely organic and fair trade certified coffee in ALL of our cafes and dining outlets. We also serve offer a great selection of organic, fair trade tea, sugar and chocolate. Check out our various cafes: Finnerty Express, SUB's Bean There and Munchie Bar, and all the other outlets operated by Food Services. UVic is the first institution in Canada to serve "Beyond Fair Trade" Doi Chaang Coffee from Thailand. Find it at Mac's Bistro and Arts Place.

UVic Composting

Each year the University of Victoria diverts at least 400 metric tonnes of food waste from Hartland Landfill. UVic's food waste is picked up by reFuse Resource Recovery and sent to an industrial composting system in Cobble Hill. This system can take many items that you would normally not put in a backyard composter, for example all meat and dairy products, paper towels and paper coffee cups (lids removed!).

Learn more about composting on campus.

UVic Bike Kitchen

At the University of Victoria's self-serve bike repair kiosk, the "Bike Kitchen", cyclists have access to bike stands, compressed air, and basic tools for quick repairs and minor adjustments.

Open 24/7, the kitchen is centrally located outside in between the SUB and the GSS building. Full toolkits are available for loan to students and staff through Campus Security during regular office hours.

Click here for more details.


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