Mystic Vale

Mystic Vale is a forested ravine that was acquired by the University of Victoria in 1993. It is a Douglas Fir Ecosystem located on the Hobbs Creek watershed that is protected from development in perpetuity. It is home to more than 75 native plant and wildlife species, including Douglas firs, Indian plum, snowberries and the sword ferns that cover the slopes into the gully, as well as five species of woodpeckers. Some species are rarely found anywhere else in the city, such as the rattlesnake plantain, stink currant and vanilla leaf.

Mystic Vale's tree canopy is dominated by large specimens of Douglas-fir and grand fir. A few western red cedar also occur. Scattered among these conifers are deciduous trees such as bigleaf maple, black cottonwood, and willow. Some Garry oak is present at the forest edge. Canada's only native broadleaf evergreen tree, the arbutus, is also present.

Mystic Vale proves to be one of the most popular green spaces on campus as thousands of students and community members access the area each year for both recreational and academic purposes.


  • Mystic Vale's trail dips into a valley, which means there are stairs, but certain portions are wheelchair friendly.


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