Pulling Together Volunteer Program

Pulling Together is an initiative created by the Saanich Municipality's Parks Department with the intention of offering volunteer opportunities for those interested in restoration of natural areas within Saanich. The act of restoring local ecosystems has many positive benefits: it's a great way to meet new people in your community, expand your knowledge about local flora and fauna, assist the environment by restoring degraded ecosystems, and it's a wonderful form of stress relief!

Playfair Park Garry Oak Restoration Project

Playfair is a well hidden, yet easily accessible park within Saanich. It is home to beautifully landscaped gardens, most notably a dense, walkable maze of azaleas and rhododendrons that comes to life in with an explosion of all colours in the spring.

Planting of the gardens began in the 1950s, with species and hybrids of rhododendrons, azaleas, and scores of other plants being donated by nurseries and arboretums. The park also has a playground, benches, paved or gravel walkways, and is a popular destination for dog walkers.

King's Pond

King's Pond is a great spot for duck watching, with Mallards and Wood Ducks being the most numerous visitors. The pond has an informative bulletin explaining how to identify each species found on the pond. The pond is located on the North end of the Cedar Hill Golf Course - a part of the Agricultural Land Reserve. The course in encircled by a 3.6km recreational trail, along which there are other spots where waterfowl and other birds congregate. In the night time, the ducks quiet down and you may be lucky enough to hear the hoot of a Barred Owl.

Haliburton Community Organic Farm

The Haliburton Community Organic Farm is a diverse community farm and learning centre that grows fresh organic produce, offers a popular food box program and operates a farm stand on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the summer, 11:00am to 5:00pm. The farm is run by the Haliburton Community Organic Farm Society, which is a non-profit organization composed of farmers, neighbours, educators and community members interested in organic, sustainable agriculture.  There are volunteer opportunities on the farm and they offer guided tours (please register by e-mail).

Saanich Centennial GVPL

The Saanich Centennial branch opened in 2007. The branch is a partnership between the Greater Victoria Public Library and the Municipality of Saanich and provides a library and Saanich Archives in a shared facility. This provides opportunities for library staff and archives staff to work together to enhance services to the public.

Nellie McClung GVPL

Originally opened in 1976, the Nellie McClung Branch was rebuilt in 1991 following a fire, which totally destroyed it. The Branch was named after Nellie McClung, a well-known suffragette and author who lived in Gordon Head from 1934-51.

Emily Carr GVPL

The Emily Carr Branch (formerly Saanich-Victoria Branch) was the first branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library system, opening in 1966 in the Town and Country Shopping Centre. The current building was built as a BC Centennial project and it opened in October 1972. In September 1999 the Branch was renamed after famous artist/author Emily Carr. The Branch will be relocating to 101 - 3521 Blanshard Street in December, 2013; the photograph shows what the new branch will look like. 

Recyclistas Community Bike Shop

Recyclistas, a used bike collective in Saanich, provides bike repairs and rentals. For those interested in learning how to fix their own bikes or playing a part in having their bikes fixed, interactive classes and workshops are available. Bike repair experts are on-site to aid in fixing bikes, provide guidance, or simply to chat about local bike culture! Work trade options for those wishing to repair their bikes or learn about bike repairs are welcome. Recyclistas puts on regular events including a monthly midnight mystery ride open to the public to inspire locals to bike more often.


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