Gorge Waterway

The Gorge Waterway, known to locals as simply “the Gorge,” is a narrow inlet that connects Victoria Harbour to Portage Inlet. The Gorge has a history of being an important spiritual/fishing site for First Nations, a vibrant swimming spot for locals from the 1980's to 1930's, and an area befallen to pollution in the past 60 years, only to be cleaned-up and re-claimed in recent years by concerned Victoria residents and organizations.

CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum

The CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum is located at Naden on Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt. The museum's goal is to collect, preserve, interpret and display the history and heritage of the naval presence on Canada’s West Coast and of the military on Southern Vancouver Island. The exhibits focus on four distinct military groups that have impacted Canadian history and left a lasting heritage: Canada’s Navy on the West Coast, t

Esquimalt GVPL

The new Esquimalt Branch opened on May 15, 2003. The Esquimalt Branch faces the Town Square at the back of the Esquimalt Municipal Hall and has space for Internet computers, collections and for the public to use for reading and studying. There is also a children's program room to beckon children into storytimes and other programs. 

Gorge Waterway Nature House

Through a partnership with the World Fisheries Trust and other local non-governmental organizations, the Gorge Waterway Nature House provides a unique opportunity for the public to learn about aquatic ecosystems in their own backyard. During the summer months, visitors can observe and interact with live aquatic animals and learn about the complex relationships involving aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in Esquimalt Gorge Park.

Matson Conservation Area

This 2.4 acre property in Esquimalt contains Victoria harbour's last patch of rare and endangered Garry oak ecosystems. The property has more than a hundred oak trees - some of them were already centuries old when Sir Douglas decided to put Fort Victoria here!


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