Clover Point Sewage Outfall

Currently at Clover Point, there is only preliminary treatment taking place. In other words, sewage passes through fine, six-millimetre screens that remove solid objects larger than a thumbtack. The wastewater is then jetted out through a multi-port diffuser approximately 65 metres below sea level and 1.1 kilometres offshore where it mixes with seawater and is dispersed. Monitoring includes constant measurements of wastewater flow, monthly testing of wastewater for priority substances and of surface water for fecal coliforms, quarterly testing of wastewater for an extended list of substances, annual testing of the seafloor and the health of organisms living near the outfall and additional scientific investigations. The CRD is currently planning the upgrading of wastewater treatment practices in the core area to account for the demands of our increasing population. For recent reports on all of the CRD's wastewater treatment plants and outfalls, click here.


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