Dockside Green

Dockside Green storm water treatment

Dockside Green is a 15-acre, largely self-sufficient and sustainable waterfront community designed using holistic, closed-loop thinking and design principals. It is being built with the intention of fulfilling a three-part philosophy of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

Cornerstone Café

The Cornerstone Café operates out of the revitalized Cornerstone Building in the heart of the Victoria neighbourhood Fernwood. The Café has a geothermal system that draws renewable energy from the ground. It provides 70% of the building's heat and hot water, lowering the café's operating costs.

The Café is pursuing zero waste in their operations, including regular composting and full recycling, including special plastics. All of the Café's revenue is reinvested into the neighbourhood through Fernwood NRG's programs and services.

Beckley Farm Lodge

Beckley Farm Lodge is a non-profit residential care facility owned and operated by the Beckley Farm Lodge Society,  providing safe, comprehensive and compassionate residential care and outreach programs in the James Bay community since 1981. 

The Old Courthouse

The Supreme Court Building, Bastion Square, Victoria, BC

The Supreme Court building in Bastion Square is a centre piece of historical architecture in the heart of Victoria British Columbia's old town. It has a storied history connected to the foundations of British Columbia's past but also considered one of the most haunted locations in Canada. We wish to celebrate its history and possible paranormal connections.

Victoria Public Market

the Victoria Public Market, Victoria, BC

The Victoria Public Market at the Hudson, highlights local artisans, farmers, fishers, butchers, bakers, cheese-makers, preservers, brewers, vintners, florists and restaurateurs.

Victoria Public Market is located in the historic Hudson building in downtown Victoria, and features fresh seafood, locally-produced cheese, local meats, farm-fresh groceries, handmade pies, a French bakery, oils and vinegars, fresh flowers, specialty retail, gourmet food service offerings, and much more!

Good Food Box

Good Food Box is a non-profit alternative fruit and vegetable distribution system. Boxes are available for pick-up or delivery every second Wednesday. We purchase the highest quality produce and ensure variety, freshness and affordability. We prioritize locally grown, unsprayed produce with a focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Haultain Common

Haultain Commons is one of the most well-known boulevard gardens in the Oaklands neighbourhood, containing many edible and medicinal plants, a pollinator garden, and an outdoor living room with a little library.


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