Camas Meadow

Turning meadows into fields of beautiful blue and purple in early spring, Camas flowers are significant to the local ecology and their bulbs were traditionally harvested by the Lekwungen people as a main source of starchy carbohydrates.

Beacon Hill was once one of the most productive camas territories on Vancouver Island. However, British settlers saw the open fields as a perfect place to develop, assuming the fields were "natural" and unused. The Lekwungen people actually managed and harvested the camas for food and trade. Janis Ringuette's Camas Country provides a wonderful history of camas on Beacon Hill.



Photo: Todd Carnahan

Gore Nature Park is a 6.77 hectare park in a Garry Oak ecosystem and the park underwent camas meadow restoration. As the sign at the entrance to the park reads, "Plants and habitat found on these lands are easily damaged. Please stay on designated paths and avoid disturbing mossy outcroppings and wildflowers." Coopers hawks are known to nest in the area, and wildflowers and mossy outcrops are found in abundance.


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