The History and Development of the Galloping Goose Trail: A Rails to Trails Conversion

The Galloping Goose Trail is a 55 Km recreational trail that spans from Victoria to the abandoned mining town of Leechtown which is situated near Sooke. The trail was originally the site of a railway which connected the two towns from 1922 until 1931. In 1987, the Regional government began a rails to trails conversion project, and in 1989, the trail was inaugurated for recreational use. Since then it has served to connect the communities of Greater Victoria, and is open to various users including cyclists, pedestrians, and horseback-riders in certain sections. This video seeks to take an in depth look at the development of a former railway into an important trail for the modern society of the region.

University of Victoria, Geography 219: Geography of BC, fall 2013
In GEOG 219 students' final projects consider multi-perspectives on social and environmental sustainibility initiatives in the CRD.
These videos are the result of the students' careful reflection and creativity. They are meant to enlighten, inform and inspire reflection on and care for the special places that we call home.

"Working on the Galloping Goose Trail project helped us understand how crucial it is for the communities of greater Victoria to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for commuting. Learning about the trail made us realize how important it is to give people an alternative to driving to work, while also giving them an opportunity to do a number of activities recreationally. The Galloping Goose Trail provides this opportunity, and we have learned how crucial it is for allowing people to reach their destination with the most minimal cost to the environment, while helping them enjoy nature".
Steven Bradshaw, Patrick Fingler, Andrew Zhao

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Steven Bradshaw, Patrick Fingler, Andrew Zhao

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