Victoria Hindu Parishad And Cultural Center

The Victoria Hindu Parishad and Cultural Centre is an organization providing a focal point for inclusion and diversity through educational, social, cultural, charitable activities, and religious worship. They host public gathering at the temple almost every Saturday, open to people of all ages and backgrounds. One of the Centre’s organizers, Sridevi Divakarla says that everybody receives what they are looking for when they come to Saturday gatherings. If you are looking for a meal, you will receive a meal. If you are looking for a connection, you will be surrounded by a culturally rich community. The beauty of this centre is that it combines many forms of fulfillment into each event;. From children’s activities to senior functions, from the youngest to the eldest in the community - everyone is engaged in the gathering in a way that works for them. The Centre also hosts a number of large cultural fundraising events each year as they are hoping to build a new temple in the coming years. The events are the following:

  • The Holi Festival in March - has a large social significance, everyone applies powdered colours to each other and this demonstrates celebration of diversity.
  • Open House in July – everyone is welcome for cultural learning opportunities (e.g. temple workship, warm meal, henna, palmistry, astrological readings)
  • Multi-faith Function in September - the centre invites people from other faith groups to come and eat under one roof and present about their faith community
  • The Festival of Lights: Diwali Show in October - everyone is welcome to this spiritual festival that represents light in the darkening season and celebrates Hindu culture


Apart from these fundraisers for their new temple, the Centre also raises money to give to others in the local and global community.. For example,  they raised $21,000 for the Nepal earthquake by providing food to the community and collecting donations! Many temple members come together to cook and share food. Sridevi believes that it is  very rewarding - both socially and spiritually - to be such an involved member with the Hindu Parishad Centre. Community work is an integral part of the Hindu religion. She believes that this inclusiveness nature is one of the reasons that the Hindu religion still exists today.


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1934 Cultra Ave
Victoria, BC V8M1L7