Victoria Curling Club

The Victoria Curling center is a social and recreation centre for all people, of all ages to engage with curling and with the curling community. The curling center is proud to host over 20 leagues, 700 members 26,000 visits per year.

What is your History in North Park?

“The club's been here since 1952… I've been managing this club for the last three years, it's been almost exactly three years now, however, I've been curling here at the Victoria curling club for almost 20 years now."

Does any person or group in North Park come to mind when you think about community superheros?
“I think the Police, frankly, are community superheroes. They are really good for the neighborhood, they have a great community presence, opposed to a typical police presence. I see them much more as community partners. The local police come into the Victoria Curling Club constantly, to have coffee and lunch. They are just sort of in the neighborhood and I find that it is a really cool part of the Curling Club and of North Park, it’s awesome”.
What are three words to describe North Park?
Diverse, Recreational and Potential
Paul Dixon, Curling Club Manager (personal interview, March 6, 2020)

Location type: 

Organization name

Victoria Curling Club


1952 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4C2

Phone number: 

250 386 6396

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