Panorama Recreation Centre

The Panorama Recreation Centre's pool is heated by a renewable energy system that captures thermal energy from wastewater and circulates it through a district energy system that heats the pool. Part of the Capital Regional District's award-winning Renewable Energy Heat Recovery Project, the new system replaces natural gas heating for the pool. Following the Project, the CRD reduced emissions by 286 tonnes in less than six months. The Panorama Recreation Centre has reduced energy costs by 25%, and the heat recovery system saves $77,000 per year.

Wanna know how it all works? Check out the video below!


  • Monday to Thursday, 6am to 10:30p
  • Friday to Sunday, 6am to 10:00pm



  • The new waterside is also the only accessible waterslide in North America, featuring an elevator to the top of the pool deck, sp those who have a disability can now enjoy the joys of a waterslide.
  • Wheelchair accessible: Accessible ramps, rails, elevators and other facilities provided for people with disabilities.
  • Child friendly site: An environmentally-engaging area that is safe and welcoming to children. May include playgrounds and other indoor and outdoor areas.


Organization name

Panorama Recreation Centre


1885 Forest Park Dr
North Saanich, BC V8L 4A3

Phone number: 

(250) 656-7271