Our Place

Our Place is an inner-city community center made of an amazing group of staff and volunteers who help Victoria’s most vulnerable people. Our Place serves more than 1,600 meals and offers about 45 transitional housing units a day for citizens in need (Ourplace, 2020). This amazing social service however, provides more than just a bed and a meal, Our Place gives people a sense of belonging to those who otherwise feel belonging-less or placeless. 

“I've [Holt, an Our Place employee] have been in Victoria for nine months now. So I'm still relatively new. We at Our Place kind of sit on the edges of Harris Green and North Park so obviously, Our Place has been a  part of the North Park neighborhood or at least on the verge of the North Park community for many years now.”

Are there any Community Superheroes in North Park? At Our Place?

"Narrowing this question down is challenging. I think the recreation staff and any of the volunteers that support Crystal Pool are community heroes."

"I also think this particular woman is a community superheroe, she is just the only person that I know that is connected with the North Park neighborhood association. She cares enough to spend time in meetings, and stay engaged with the issues that support the diversity of people in this community. 

“The folks next door at the Harbour also attract folks that are often frowned upon by the broader community, but they seem to manage to muster care and compassion for those who are often perceived as unlovable, and that's tough work. Anybody that has the patience to give back and contribute to a community that's larger than the four walls of their home to me is a hero and is part of the solution”

Holt, Our Place (Personal Communications, March 6, 2020)


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919 Pandora Ave
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