Logan's Public House

Logan's Pub is a community pub located in the heart of North Park and services the surrounding communities.

“Logan's Pub is a place where people come in for the music scene which features up and coming bands. We have expanded our pub so now we have a band stage area with good music equipment, so it draws in a lot of people to come out for the show. They have a good time. It’s a music pub, however, it’s also a neighborhood pub where people can come and feel safe and secure. We host a Trans-night on Thursday nights. So I have all sorts of different shows and entertainment. The people, they have a lot of fun and laugh. And so it's a place where people feel comfortable to come to and that's what we want.” 

“We're an integrated society here and if you know anything about Logan’s pub you will know that one of our values is acceptance and respect. We have six core values at the pub, put together by the staff.  One of them is long as you come in and people treat people with respect. We don't care where you come from, what you do, what your ethnicity is, or what your gender requirements are, we don't care as long as you treat each and every one of yourself and us with respect.”

Does any person or group in North Park come to mind when you think about community superheros?


“I'll relay the story to you on how important Crystal pool is to the community of North Park. So we went to the neighborhood association meeting to talk about another matter but one of the other topics of discussion was about land use. This lady stood up to speak, she was slightly disadvantaged, however she talked about how she had led this group who used the pool, the disadvantaged group and it was important for them for a lot of different aspects of it. Obviously, for the therapy of coming together, exercise so on and so forth. The point that hit home for me was when she made me realize how important Crystal pool itself was for various parts of the community.” 

“This one community member, she is just really switched on her previous jobs and she's such a go getter. She's in the North Park Neighborhood Association board. But what she did on her own. Because she approached me we had a really good talk about safety in the area then she approached the chief of police and asked if he would be interested in putting a police liaison officer in place in North park. The Police officers were all for it with the hopes of upping the police presence in the neighbourhood.” 

“About two years ago, the previous North Park Neigbourhood Association leader, who is what I call a go-getter, approached me one day. She said, I got an idea. Now if you know our pub, we have a mural, one side of a young lady and the food sign for advertisement. She said “Would you be interested in allowing us, if we can get the WIN on board, to paint a mural on the side of your building with the community and cities support?” We said absolutely, as long as we get to vet that mural. My wife and I agree with the mural plan as long as it contained a strong First Nation content.” 

What are three words you would use to Describe North Park?

“Simply, Edgy to the core”

Stewart Logan (personal interview, March 30th, 2020)


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Logan's Public House


1821 Cook St
Victoria, BC V8T 3P5

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250 360 2711