The Victoria HarbourCats are a summer-collegiate baseball team with game days between June and August who play out of Royal Athletic Park right here in North Park. The Stadium is centrally located in Victoria and can be accessed within a 10 minute bike ride or within a 30 minute walk by to Hillside, the Down-Town Core, Rocklands, Fernwood and of course the North Park neighbourhoods. 

What's your history in North Park?

“HarbourCats has been here for eight years now. Royal athletic park itself I think is probably part of the reason why North Park has its name, North Park.” 

“As an association HarbourCats have done a lot of work closely with the North Park community. In the past, we hosted a street party outside the stadium a few years back and this winter we supported the big skating party at the Save On center. We're a very community-based team.” 

“Last year, George Jay school brought 300 kids to our school spirit game that we had here. So we feel we're a part of this community. We want to work with the Association. We want to work with the community groups to foster good relationships and we do think we have a pretty good relationship with most people here.” 

Any Positive Interactions in North Park?

“Many of our positive interactions happen during our games, the fans come into the game and it's just the positive feeling that everybody brings to our games and leaves our games with. I mean, I can tell you the last two times I've sat there and watched our fireworks after we won a game and it's been a great atmosphere in the park” 

What are three words to Describe North Park?

"The Stadium District."

Christian Stewart and Raymond Kirk, HarbourCats (personal interview, March 13, 2020)

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1014 Caledonia Ave
Victoria, BC V8T 1E8