Eco-Sense Home

Completed in 2008 by Gord and Ann Baird, the Eco-Sense Home is a seismically engineered load bearing insulated cob (clay, sand, straw) house. The house features a solar PV with grid tie, an option for future wind turbines, solar thermal hydronic heating, passive solar design, LED lighting, earthen floors, natural plasters, grey water re-use, composting (no flush) toilets, rainwater harvesting, and a living roof. The home is zero waste and net zero energy and it has been registered for the Living Building Challenge, a step well beyond LEED platinum. The eco-sense home has regular tours and courses and may be visited by prior arrangement via Eco-Sense.

Watch the WestShore Unlimited episode below for a tour of Gord and Ann Baird's living house.

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3295 Compton Road
Victoria, BC V9E 1C8