Crystal Pool & Fitness Center

The Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre is central to the community of North Park and the surrounding communities of Victoria. The pool provides essential services from inclusive swim lessons to drop-in fitness classes for all.

Superheros at Crystal Pool

"I think the recreation staff and any of the volunteers that support Crystal Pool are community heroes." 

- Holt, Our Place (personal interview, March 6, 2020)


“I'll relay the story to you on how important Crystal pool is to the community of North Park. So we went to the neighborhood association meeting to talk about another matter but one of the other topics of discussion was about land use. This lady stood up to speak, she was slightly disadvantaged, however she talked about how she had led this group who used the pool, the disadvantaged group and it was important for them for a lot of different aspects of it. Obviously, for the therapy of coming together, exercise so on and so forth. The point that hit home for me was when she made me realize how important Crystal pool itself was for various parts of the community.”


- Stewart Logan, Logan's Pub (personal communications, March 2020)


"The tireless work of the Crystal Pool Staff!"

- Christine, North Park Bikes (person communications, March 2020)


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2275 Quadra St
Victoria, BC V8T 4C4