Ayum Creek Estuary

Ayum Creek is a spawning stream for wild coho and chum salmon, as well as steelhead and cutthroat trout. It anchors the southern end of the Sea-to-Sea Green Blue Belt, a visionary undertaking to create a corridor of protected wilderness and parkland stretching from Saanich Inlet in the east to the Sooke Basin in the southwest. Ayum Creek stream flows through mixed forest and riparian habitat to a small but biologically rich estuary in the Sooke Basin.

In partnership with other local conservation groups, Habitat Acquisition Trust has protected Ayum Creek and its Estuary. In partnership with the Society for the Protection of Ayum Creek, HAT purchased the 14-acre Ayum Creek Estuary property and holds a conservation covenant on the land. Ayum Creek Estuary was HAT's first acquisition project. This property is now a park reserve with CRD Parks.

HAT also co-holds covenants on upstream properties purchased by other conservation groups. The Allman family donated a large percentage of their streamside property as parkland.

HAT and other groups are conducting an Ayum Estuary Restoration Project. Components of this project are species inventory, invasive species removal (scotch broom, blackberry, ivy), and native species planting.


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