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Knockan Hill

Knockan Hill park covers about 12 hectares of Garry Oak woodlands, rocky outcrops and Douglas-fir forest. The park straddles the Saanich and View Royal municipal boundaries on the outskirts of Victoria B.C. and the hill overlooks the Portage Inlet. Knockan Hill is home to a wide range of birds, butterflies, blacktailed deer and is a favourite destination for neighbourhood kids and dogs.

Knockan Hill Park

Thetis Lake Regional Park

Thetis Lake Regional Park includes freshwater lakes, beach areas, and hiking trails. These lakes are use for swimming, canoeing and fishing. The park entrance is minutes away from a sandy beach overlooking the lake. The area is a great spot for picnics and a popular destination to visit in the summer.

Parking is available, please note that Pay Parking goes from May 1st to September 30.

Source: Thetis Lake Regional Park (CRD)

Portage Inlet Intertidal Mud Flats

At the mouth of Craigflower and Colquitz Creeks in Portage Inlet is an intertidal mud flat, an important coastal ecosystem and valuable habitat for many species of wildlife. Mudflats provide good conditions for the growth of eelgrass, and eelgrass in turn hosts an array of animals including herring, crabs, snails and juvenile salmon.  Invertebrates such as nematode worms and protozoa feed on bacteria prevalent in the mud, and larger organisms such as crustaceans (e.g. amphipods, mud shrimp), mollusks (e.g.

Galloping Goose Regional Trail

The Galloping Goose Regional Trail is a picturesque multi–use trail, formerly a railway line, that moves through urban, rural, and wilderness scenery on its 55 kilometre journey from Victoria to Sooke. You can cycle, stroll, run, or even ride a horse through the rural sections. Whether you're community to work, meandering on a weekend afternoon or pacing yourself from Sidney to Sooke, the trail is yours to enjoy and protect. The Galloping Goose was originally a freight railway line built during the First World War.

Portage Inlet

The Portage Inlet and Gorge Waterway's extensive eelgrass beds provide a "safe passage" for the young coho, chum salmon, and cutthroat trout that spawn in Craigflower Creek and Colquitz River, the two main creeks that drain into the Portage Inlet. This aquatic habitat is crucial to their survival before they head out to sea. 

Helmcken Park & Ride

Drive your car to the Helmcken Park & Ride and take transit the rest of the way! The Helmcken Park & Ride is serviced by bus routes 14, 39, 50, 51,52, 57x, and 61. Do your part for sustainable mobility in Victoria, BC - participate in sustainable transport!

Welland Legacy Park Orchard

Welland Legacy Park Orchard is a 2/3 acre public park in the Town of View Royal. Planted by Rex Welland over the course of his life, the orchard is home to over 200 fruit trees, including many rare varieties of apple, pear, plum, hazelnut, fig, grapes, kiwi, paw paw, and others! At the time of his passing, Rex put a large section of his home orchard into a land trust with The Land Conservancy, and bequeathed the property to the Town in perpetuity. Rex’s vision was to have his land utilized as a public resource, where multiple generations could come to learn and be nourished.

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