Oak Bay


Trial Islands Ecological Reserve

In 1990, the Trial Islands just off of Oak Bay were designated as an ecological reserve of 23 acres in order to protect what is considered the “most outstanding known assemblage of rare and endangered plant species in British Columbia.”  As an ecological reserve, the park has the highest level of protection available in BC for the conservation of physical and biological diversity.  While research and educational activities are allowed, recreational activities are limited and a permission to land is required.

Uplands Park

An undeveloped natural area in the heart of a residential neighbourhood, the site was planned for development but was then purchased by Oak Bay in 1946.  Uplands Park contains walking trails, a beach access, park benches, a boat ramp, and a War Memorial.  The park also contains many examples of Garry oak meadow ecosystems and also has a high concentration of rare plant species.  Organizations like the Friends of the Uplands Park host regular Garry oak ecosystem restoration events.

Cattle Point

The part of Uplands Park on the east of Beach Drive known as Cattle Point is a coastal area of rocky bluffs with a boat ramp and beach access, surrounded by Garry oak meadows and associated ecosystems.  With its waterfront drive, park benches, and parking area overlooking the water, it is an ideal lookout and star gazing location.

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Oak Bay GVPL

The Oak Bay Branch originally opened in1971 and was renovated 1999. A unique design feature of this Branch is the incorporation of the Tonkin heritage home on Hampshire Road into the expanded space. Highlights include two gas fireplaces, a special conservatory reading room and a new community room.

Oak Bay Recreation Centre

Whether you're looking for a place to exercise, improve your well being or enjoy recreational activities with your family or friends, the Oak Bay Recreation Centre is the place for you! The centre offers many leisure opportunities, including swimming, skating, hockey, tennis and drop-in soccer, as well as healthy options for exercise and a wide range of aquatic, fitness and rehabilitation programs.

UVic Quadrangle (the Quad)

Located on UVic campus and known as "the Quad," this wide open field is a great place to relax, play games, and have a picnic. The beautiful trees that line the edges of the field are great for slack-lining. This site is open to the public and full of activity. It's an excellent people-watching spot and a great space for kids to get their legs in gear!   



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