Juan de Fuca Electoral District


Vancouver Island Regional Library (Port Renfrew)

The Port Renfrew Library Branch started as a book deposit station in 1964. The library is now located at the Port Renfrew Community Centre. The branch is wheel-chair accessible and has two computers.

The Vancouver Island Regional Library's mission is to enrich lives and communities through universal access to knowledge, lifelong learning, and literacy. Their vision is to develop strong library branches that are vital community destinations for knowledge, inspiration, innovation, and renewal.


Shirley's Farmers Market

Shirley Farmers Market features about 30 local vendors of all sorts selling home-made and home-grown products. There are also a concession, children's activities and live music (not all weeks).

Open Sundays, 10:30am to 3:30pm, end of May until the end of September.

Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach is a great sight to visit and explore both marine habitat as well as a unique geological location. Visitors come seeking a rich experience to view the many forms of marine life including colourful starfish and sea urchins, white gooseneck barnacles and sea cucumbers. The diversity of life is simply stunning.

The area is a top choice by many to see intertidal life. In 1900 a research station was established by the University of Minnesota.

This site is a protected area, visitors are welcome to take pictures, but please leave everything else behind.

Sooke Lake

Greater Victoria's drinking water comes from the Sooke Reservoir, located in the Sooke Hills about 30 km northwest of the City of Victoria. At full storage capacity, Sooke Reservoir holds 20.4 billion litres of water - enough to fill 31 million Olympic-sized pools. CRD Water Services uses multiple barriers to prevent contamination of drinking water. For example, watershed lands are 98% owned by the CRD and there is no public access to, swimming in or boating on the reservoir. There is also a multi-step water disinfection process.

Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Built in 1912 after a passenger liner crashed into rocks off the coast of Port Renfrew, Sheringham Point Lighthouse, and the families who managed it, became an important handler of emergency calls, often responding to the shipwrecked during storms and acting as a navigational aid to boats on the water. Following the advent and widespread use of GPS technology, the lighthouse fell out of use and is now locked and gated, closed to the public except for distant views.

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