Capital Regional District


James Bay New Horizons Society

The James Bay New Horizons Society is a non-profit community centre offering programs and services for members of the local community. It is their goal to help people maintain, improve and develop new skills, interests and social opportunities. They offer affordable language classes which vary depending on the time of year.

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria provides support and tools for newcomers while helping other organizations connect across cultures. They offer FREE English classes for newcomers, age 17 and older, who are either permanent residents or refugees (beginner to advanced levels). Language assessment services and translation and interpretation services are also available.



GEOS Languages Plus Victoria

GEOS Languages Plus Victoria is a member of the GEOS Languages Plus North America chain and has provided English classes in Victoria for almost 20 years. They offer English language courses for all levels, help with English conversations, preparation for ESL tests, and improvement of English for work or school.

Inlingua Victoria

  • Inlingua Victoria is a member of the inlingua International Schools of Languages.
  • The Inlingua method of language training has been developed over the past 40 years.
  • General English Courses are available all year, either part-time or full-time, and are designed for learners of all levels with an emphasis on speaking and communication.

Victoria International Airport Parking Lot

Instead of conventional catch basin and culvert designs in its parking lots, Victoria International Airport constructed rain gardens and swale ditches to collect run-off. The swale ditches help filter pollutants from parked cars and airside vehicles and equipment before pollutants are released into the storm water system. According to the CRD's Rainwater Management Tour, the parking lot expansion was designed to attenuate in 1 in 2 year storm events, and overflow routing was designed to handle a 1 in 100 year event.


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