Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Built in 1912 after a passenger liner crashed into rocks off the coast of Port Renfrew, Sheringham Point Lighthouse, and the families who managed it, became an important handler of emergency calls, often responding to the shipwrecked during storms and acting as a navigational aid to boats on the water. Following the advent and widespread use of GPS technology, the lighthouse fell out of use and is now locked and gated, closed to the public except for distant views. Not the lighthouse and the 10 acres it sits on is declared surplus by the federal government, meaning the land could go up for sale to the highest bidder. The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, founded in 2003, is dedicated to preserving the Lighthouse, the land surrounding the station, and the public access. While you cannot access the lighthouse, you can enjoy spectacular lighthouse and ocean views by walking the Lighthouse View Trail.

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Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society