Historical Feature

Institution, monument or unmarked historical area with special significance to the community's sense of place and environment.

Located in the Caleb Pike Heritage Park, the Caleb Pike House is a square logged cabin dating from 1983. The house was built by Caleb Pike, an early colonist from England who was recruited as a labourer by Hudson's Bay Company. Read about the history of the Caleb Pike House.

Photo: David Stanley 

The Supreme Court Building, Bastion Square, Victoria, BC

The Supreme Court building in Bastion Square is a centre piece of historical architecture in the heart of Victoria British Columbia's old town. It has a storied history connected to the foundations of British Columbia's past but also considered one of the most haunted locations in Canada. We wish to celebrate its history and possible paranormal connections.

Known in English as Mount Newton, the Wsanec First Nations know the mountain as ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ (or Lau, Welnew), which means "place of refuge" in the Sencoten language. The mountain is a significant historical feature. For thousands of years, elders have passed down the story of the Great Flood and the ancestors who survived it. During the flood, thought to have occured over 10,000 years ago, ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ was the place of refuge, where the ancestors tied their boats to an arbutus tree atop the mountain.

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