Food Bank

Food banks assure food is not wasted and hunger is reduced by providing low or no-cost food for low-income or displaced people. May serve meals, provide ingredients for home cooking or deliver to housebound people.

Mustard Seed is the largest food bank on Vancouver Island and is a non-profit organization that is working to provide food, friendship, and clothing to those in need. They provide a list of services that include hair cutting, nursing, a clothing bank, access to home starter kits, and more. The staff offer advocacy, counseling, addictions recovery, and many other resources that help break the cycle of poverty by offering a helping hand and reminding everyone of their self-worth.

The UVSS operates an emergency food bank located in the basement of
the SUB. The UVSS Food Bank is run by volunteers and offers students the
opportunity to get emergency grocery staples on a weekly basis.

Students can drop by the UVSS Food Bank during posted drop-in hours,
or by making an appointment with the food bank coordinator. All services
are totally confidential and all UVic students are welcome to use the
food bank.

Donations are always welcome and...

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