Duck Pond

Typically a man-made body of water, ideal for watching ducks, geese, swans and other waterfowl. Usually smaller than a lake, may include ponds for recreational use.

Take a walk through Beacon Hill Park and enjoy it's many fountains and duck ponds. As you can see in the two video's below, sometimes ducks and ducklings need a little help and protection from their human friends! Men In Kilts-Victoria, Franchise Owner, Peter halted work at a job site to escort a family of ducks from Fairfield Village to the Beacon Hill Park duck pond. Stopping and directing traffic around Momma Duck and her eight ducklings, Peter got them safely to the pond.

King's Pond is a great spot for duck watching, with Mallards and Wood Ducks being the most numerous visitors. The pond has an informative bulletin explaining how to identify each species found on the pond. The pond is located on the North end of the Cedar Hill Golf Course - a part of the Agricultural Land Reserve. The course in encircled by a 3.6km recreational trail, along which there are other spots where waterfowl and other birds congregate. In the night time, the ducks quiet down and you may be lucky enough to hear the hoot of a Barred Owl.

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