Dog Run

Designated places where dogs can be taken off their leashes to run and play, usually in city parks. Beaches and picnic areas in most CRD parks have seasonal restrictions on off-leash dogs. Some parks have no restrictions at all. Check the following websites that include an exhaustive list of parks with rules (or no rules) for letting your dog off-leash in CRD municipalities, including Esquimalt, Victoria, Saanich, Colwood, Central Saanich, Langford, North Saanich, Oak Bay, Sidney, Sooke, and View Royal.

Arbutus Park, located on the Gorge Waterway, is a leash-optional area in the City of Victoria. Click here for a map of all off-leash parks in the City of Victoria.

Photo: Todd Carnahan

High Rock Park (also called Cairn Park) is an off-leash park in Esquimalt. A leash is not required here, provided the dog is accompanied by and under the effective control of a competent person.

Click here for a list of guidelines and other off-leash parks in Esquimalt.

Photo: Todd Carnahan

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