Aquatic Habitat

Includes fresh and saltwater ecosystems, and the many kinds of wildlife that flourish in the marine environment. Should not encourage fishing, especially where the fish are endangered or unhealthy to eat.

The Portage Inlet and Gorge Waterway's extensive eelgrass beds provide a "safe passage" for the young coho, chum salmon, and cutthroat trout that spawn in Craigflower Creek and Colquitz River, the two main creeks that drain into the Portage Inlet. This aquatic habitat is crucial to their survival before they head out to sea. 

At the mouth of Craigflower and Colquitz Creeks in Portage Inlet is an intertidal mud flat, an important coastal ecosystem and valuable habitat for many species of wildlife. Mudflats provide good conditions for the growth of eelgrass, and eelgrass in turn hosts an array of animals including herring, crabs, snails and juvenile salmon.  Invertebrates such as nematode worms and protozoa feed on bacteria prevalent in the mud, and larger organisms such as crustaceans (e.g. amphipods, mud...

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