Salt Spring Island Electoral District


Salt Spring Island Conservancy

The Salt Spring Island Conservancy (SSIC) was formed to help the community preserve natural habitats on Salt Spring Island and in surrounding waters. Its core functions are acquiring and managing ecologically valuable land, holding conservation covenants, helping landowners become good land stewards, and public education. Since 1995, the SSIC has helped buy or protect over 3400 acres on Salt Spring Island.

Salt Spring Island Tuesday Market

The Tuesday market on Salt Spring Island is a condensed food-only version of their popular Saturday market. It specializes in authentic, local, fresh and seasonal products including a range of vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, herbs, nuts, flowers, cheese, baked goods, vinegars, jams and more. The market aims to inspire the community to embrace a local food culture that stewards land, nourishes people and honours farmers.

Open Tuesdays, 2:00pm to 6:00pm, June through to the last Tuesday in October.

Salt Spring Island Saturday Market

Salt Spring Island’s Saturday Market is one of Canada’s best and is dedicated to high quality goods and local authenticity. The outdoor market features more than 140 artisans and food producers who contribute to the island’s international reputation as a hotbed of world-class artisans and organic farmers. The market offers a “homespun guarantee” as island vendors must “make it, bake it, or grow it” themselves. There is an impressive array of handpicked produce from local fields and gardens, farmstead cheeses and organic foods.

VENUS Forensics Experiment

An exciting and unique forensic experiment has been underway since 2006 in the VENUS observatory, a cabled undersea laboratory for ocean researchers and explorers. The forensic experiment, led by Dr. Gail Anderson and Dr. Lynne Bell from Simon Fraser University, uses pig carcasses to try to understand what happens to a body in the ocean. The experiment studies both the decompositional patterns and rates, as well as the marks left by scavengers, in human death investigations.

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